Indoor Cycling

What is it?

Indoor cycling is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle. As you pedal, motivating music plays and the instructor talks you through a visualization of an outdoor cycling workout: “You’re going up a long hill now, you can’t see the top yet.…” During the class you vary your pace — sometimes pedaling as fast as you can, other times cranking up the tension and pedaling slowly from a standing position. This helps you to focus inwardly and work on your mind as well as your body. Why we love it: Indoor cycling burns serious calories (about 450 in 45 minutes) and offers an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. It also tones your quadriceps and outer thigh muscles like nobody’s business! Because you stay in one place with the same basic movement throughout, it doesn’t involve a lot of coordination; it’s easier to concentrate on your form than in other types of aerobic classes. And although you follow the general instructions of the teacher, you are in control when it comes to your pace. You can finish a class, regardless of your fitness level, simply by adjusting your pace or the tension knob on the bike. 

Our Equipment

1111 Main is the first studio in the Napa Valley to offer the brand new Schwinn A.C. Performance Bike. The bike features Virtual Contact Resistance Technology – this innovative system utilizes magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance. The Schwinn A.C. Performance also includes aluminum frame construction, handlebars with dual over-sized water bottle holders and 3 position fore-aft adjustment, Smart Release, and SPD toe-clip pedals.

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Why do it?

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Developed in India thousands of years ago, yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise in the United States. Whether yoga’s recent rise in popularity stems from an increase in stress levels or the following of a Hollywood trend, yoga delivers many benefits to those who incorporate it into their everyday lives.  Just about everyone can do it, to0– it’s not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate. Here at the Hive we have we have Velisa and Monique teach yoga. Give us a call and reserve your mat today!



Find your inner peace

Through this class, she aims to introduce her students to the powers of meditation.  Her goal is to “empower people in the practice of self-care and developing a Spiritual Practice.”  Our Meditation instructor, Yesenia, left Wall Street to share and spread her love for healing and helping others.  She hopes to create an avenue for you to live your life to the fullest and open the doors to other aspects of life and beyond that you may have never considered.

Helping people find their inner peace and improving their daily life are just a few reasons Yesenia is offering her expertise to us here at 1111 MAIN.  She also opened Casa Bhakti in Napa for other healing and coaching.  You can find the site at for more information.