Soul Crystals at 1111 Main

1111 Main is the largest retailer of crystals and stones in the Napa Valley. Each week we will be featuring a special crystal or stone to share our beautiful collection with you. Golden Healer Quartz

The Golden Healer is a crystal which amplifies the flow of the golden light of Universal Life Force. The Universal Life Force goes into the body through the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra represents the part of our consciousness that is concerned with perceptions of separation and unity. The energy that flows from the Golden Healer clears blockages and imbalances which allows the body to ready itself for multi-level healing. This crystal has the highest vibration of energy, yet the energy is gentle and soothing. The Golden Healer is powerful, and it enhances joy, peace, and the spirit of Oneness. It is said that the Golden Healer is excellent for use in crystal healing and it is helpful in any healing situation.