Soul Crystals


We at 1111 are strong believers in physical and mental soundness. Not only do we offer gateways to your own physical health, you are probably aware that spiritual health is top priority with us as well. Yoga classes we proudly offer, yet there are many other objects we have made available for your wellness. These objects, much more than that I would object (no pun intended), are the soul crystals proudly displayed just about everywhere in the front lobby of 1111.


"Crystal therapy" is consistently offered at 1111. Therapeutic for soothing your shopping soul, and the balance of your home's image, or in a higher more spiritual sense,  if you give to such beliefs. From the time of ancient man,  certain crystals are said to have helpful forces for your benefit in the every day life. By placing soul crystals in a nearby vicinity of where you often function, the healing powers are said to be at full potential. If you would like to take  advantage of these powers, stop by and pick up your crystals! There is a variety to choose from, and depending on the need, we have small and large crystals for your metaphysical  well being and convenience.

The below examples are a small picking of the sorts of crystals we offer, and the advantages they are capable of carrying for your being.

The Quartz crystal we carry varies from its standard quartz to the Arkansas Quartz, all from which are derived from a miner in Arkansas. Quartz is the commonly known crystal but the powers and beauty it carries cannot be surpassed. Quartz can range from all colors of the rainbow, typically translucent and diagonally shaped. Quartz is easily manufactured or imitated, the ones you will find at 1111 Main are indeed not these impure forms.  If you are open to said alternative methods of crystal healing the quartz crystal is known to be the number one go-to for your healing and energy amplification. As it looks pure, so it will cleanse your body and soul. It is to aid concentration and is quite revelatory, pertaining to the past and the questions you may have. As it opens up the mind and soul, it will cleanse the mind and relieve of depression. Clarity like none other is possible, releasing all negative emotion, uniting the pureness of your spiritual being to the physical.

This rutilated quartz is what you will see plenty of around the facility

Named after the Latin root meaning "to flow", the fluorite crystal we offer does indeed seem to "flow". Typically cubed, this gorgeous crystal is a guaranteed stunner for any home interior piece. It is most found in hues of purple, greens, clear and a light pink, accompanying every color need. It has purposes in the metaphysical, alike the quartz. "Flowing" indeed- it will flow all impurities from the aura and stabilize, bringing your body into balance and stability. The negative energy and stress which occurs quite naturally now, can be removed with the healing usage of the fluorite crystal. If spiritual awakening is needed in your life, make the fluorite crystal yours!

003. Fluorite-WL

The crystal with the most lore surrounding its name is the Lemurian Seed crystal. Perhaps you heard of it, if not, indulge yourself into this story. In the times of ancient earth before the complications of modern life, Lemurians were a people that roamed the earth. Said to have deeply loved the earth, they are believed to be highly spiritual beings in full connection with oneness. Much like the tale of Atlantis, the kingdom of Lemuria was left for an unclear reason by the beings. The theory tells us they descended from earth to a place beyond this realm. It is said that within these crystals the Lemurians have left each and every one of us messages, once again connecting the past, present and future. Ones believing in crystal healing, and the magic behind these objects, say to have experienced a light indescribable warmth, and amorous feeling when coming into contact with these crystals. Fairly accessible for buying, we are proud to display these eye catching mysterious entities.


Find these up at the register!

The crystals above you can find while checking in or out from our studios. Displayed in a glass case, a label reads "Cleansed by the full moon". A lot of curiosity has arisen from this label. Simply explained, if again not skeptical of crystal healing methods, the full moon thoroughly cleanses the crystals by lifting off all negative vibrations and replacing crystals with positive energy for the benefit of your aura. These crystals, smaller and easier for transportation, range in prices made reasonable for your metaphysical betterment.

These are but four of the tens of different sorts of crystals making their mark on this establishment. Whether larger, smaller, for physical benefit or for the benefit of your inner spirituality these are the pride and joys of 1111 Main's display. Please, we encourage your marveling at these crystals and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. These are soul crystals that can create change for you, all prices are marked for your convenience!

photo 2


Crystal 1b