The Beauty of Amethyst


Purple Amethyst is known for it's stunningly beautiful aesthetic and its legendary powers to stimulate, soothe, and calm the mind. This lovely crystal can be found in all different parts of the world, and it is highly regarded for what it carries. Amethyst carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality, yet it also holds the logic of temperance and sobriety. This crystal supports the holder during life transitions and changes, while protecting against negative influences. When calming the mind, Amethyst enhances dream retention and meditation, and it also wards of night terrors and psychic attacks. This crystal is also know to be used to cleanse the aura and the Crown and Third Eye chakras.

Witches Finger for Inner Growth and Confidence

Witches Finger is a quartz crystal that is found in the mines of Zambia in Africa. This crystal resembles “gnarled finger,” hence the name “Witches Finger”! This crystal connects to all personal chakras, and cleanses them of all negative and stagnant energies. The Witches Finger Quartz bring energies of courage, support and confidence so that individuals may overcome their fears that are not beneficial in their lives. It will help one acknowledge who they are, and to eliminate those traits, that stop their growth. It will provide self-reflection, and assist one to grow in the right direction. It will give you clarity of vision, so that the correct choices can be made. IMG_1210

Lift Yourself Up with Celestine

Feeling as if you need to lift your spirits? If so, Celestite otherwise known as Celestine, is the perfect healing crystal for your needs. With its soft blue colors and gentle vibrations, the Celestine will build up your emotional state to calm and soothe you. This crystal aids mental clarity and elevates spiritual growth. Celestine is known to be connected to Angelic realms, which allows  the free-flow of energy to the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras. Celestite has been used to relieve stress, anxiety, and obsessive behaviors. This gentle crystal will bring you harmony and balance, and it will assist you in finding inner peace. In healing practices, Celestine sends energy to aid in healing disorders of brain imbalances and pains in the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. FullSizeRender

Soul Crystals at 1111 Main

1111 Main is the largest retailer of crystals and stones in the Napa Valley. Each week we will be featuring a special crystal or stone to share our beautiful collection with you. Golden Healer Quartz

The Golden Healer is a crystal which amplifies the flow of the golden light of Universal Life Force. The Universal Life Force goes into the body through the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra represents the part of our consciousness that is concerned with perceptions of separation and unity. The energy that flows from the Golden Healer clears blockages and imbalances which allows the body to ready itself for multi-level healing. This crystal has the highest vibration of energy, yet the energy is gentle and soothing. The Golden Healer is powerful, and it enhances joy, peace, and the spirit of Oneness. It is said that the Golden Healer is excellent for use in crystal healing and it is helpful in any healing situation.


Moyna Coin Purses

We're thrilled to introduce the newest brand to our collection here at 1111. Moyna! Personally, I cannot get enough of Moyna. Perhaps its because the quality is so good, or just it makes carrying my jingling coins seem less, well, unfashionable. Starting with handicraft in India, Moyna Singh decided to bring her work to the United States. Her eye for exquisite beading pieces has made her a natural cinch to the fashion world. Stop by 1111 and snatch these cuties to add your flair around the town. Moyna Taxi Cab Pouch